Swimming Pool

What is the next thing, guests ask once they are comfortable with their rooms? Its’ the Pool!
A Swimming Pool is an experience. The experience is made larger, when the water is Clean & Clear. Of Course, having the temperature of the pool set at your Luxury depending on the Climate. Doesn’t it sound great?

We care for our little guests, who would love to have a swim and enjoy their holiday too! But at times, they may not be comfortable with the depth in the Adults area. Therefore, we have a little swimming pool, just made for the little toddlers.

The Spa connection with a good swim is the best thing a person can experience and we have the Jacuzzi Pool right next to the Swimming Pool to give you that experience.

Oh Yea! We are the only beach resort in the region to have an Amazing Water Slide for both Kids and Adults who would love to be kids again, in the pool!

Grand HotelSwimming Pool