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Have a gang!? and everyone loves the beach? and more of beach volleyball!? Well! we have the place and the perfect set up for you to enjoy the game.

sports beach volleyball Sharjah Dubai

Tennis is a game of utmost Stamina and Focus. Here at our resort, we have a perfect court for you to put your stamina and focus to work. Enjoy the game to the fullest!
We also provide training classes for people who would like to learn the game.

water sports Sharjah Dubai

Are you a fan of Water Sports? Jet Ski, Kayaking, Canoe, Deep Sea Fishing and a lots more!?
Yes! We have.

Table Tennis (or) Ping Pong as it is widely called, is a game of speed, flexibility and strength. If you are looking for some intense challenge with your partner on a game of Ping Pong, we set your base up!

sports table tennis Sharjah Dubai

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