Gym & Spa

Burning that extra calories is always a great way to stay in Shape, and at our Hotel we do not compromise on our Guest’s fitness thoughts.
We have a fully equipped gym right from Cardio to Weight Training.

An in-house trainer to help you out in the Gym and to advise you on the workouts and your diet routines. We also provide free Aerobics lessons to our Guests ( except in July & August ).

Rejuvenation is important for the Body & Soul. You need to relax and restore forces after a flight or simply cheer up before an important business meeting. Our spa provides varied massage therapies with a specialist masseur, just for you.

Our Hotel also provides Membership on Half-Yearly or Annual basis. This covers the Swimming pool, beach, spa, gym and discounts on the food & beverage outlets.
There are a lot of members who come here on weekends on use our health club every day and enjoy our facilities.
Please mail us at, to apply for the membership or call us directly.

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